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iMusician is undergoing a much needed upgrade.

Please bare with us as we make our changes.  Feel free to search and peruse but bare in mind we are working away here in the background and somethings will break.  :)

Welcome to our new site, or should I say not even new yet.  We launched in Beta on the 16th of April,  with a full launch scheduled January 2013.  ”What are you talking about?” I hear you think , basically this means that we are launching in stages, gathering momentum and more importantly content along the way.

We have lots and lots on the way to keep you entertained.  We would love to hear from you, any thoughts or ideas would be warmly welcomed.

So what is this site about?  There are thousands of very talented unsigned and independent record label artists striving to get noticed.  We are here to notice them and share them with you.  We will strive to have at least 85% of our articles and posts accompanied with rich media, be it Audio or video.

Where do we find out about these talented acts? YOU!   We would like you to tell us about any unsigned or independent artists that yo may come across.  The only thing we ask of them is that they have and perform their own material.

We have set up a page just for review submissions, you can find it here .  Please tell the artists that we are here, and in turn we will tell you.

Facebook is a huge part of how we share our stories, we would very much appreciate it, if you were to use the Facebook comments section at the end of each post here on iMusician.org.  It helps us, but more importantly it helps the artists.  Don’t forget to join us on Facebook too, this is where we will be handing out the Tee-Shirts, CD’s and other prizes.

Thank you, and enjoy.  Don’t forget to give feedback, after all, we need to listen to you if we want you to come back.

Oh yes! And please tell all of your friends about us. :)

The iMusician Team


iMusician.Org C/O Global Media Garden, 12 Camden Row, Dublin, Ireland.

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