Is it a long Trip to Tip? Or a Short Hop to the Top. (BoTB)


Unless you are standing isolated in the middle of a large field, chances are, no matter where you settle your gaze one of those people in front of you is in a band. Especially here in Ireland, the land of leprechauns, Guinness and talented Musos.

On the 25th-27th October at this years Thurles Arts Festival, musicians and bands from anywhere at all will get the chance to compete for the very worthy prizes at this years Battle Of The Bands, organised by the equally talented Matt Sheedy whom I have had to pleasure to chat with and more importantly hear sing.

So what can you expect to win?

The top prize is a 6 month promotion deal with AMA Music Agency… + 12 hours Recording studio time here:
+ 500euro equipment voucher.

Now that ain’t half bad for any budding artist or band to get hold of as it could certainly boost their careers if not just their profile.  I suspect though that the competition will be tough and given the fact that it is also Halloween, it may even be scary.

All going well I intend to drop along with camera in toe, sorry, tow and I recommend that you do also.

For more information and to enter, (I suspect Places are limited – it’s a time thing) email or message to via your Facebook account (or indeed anybody’s FB account – with permission of course)

See you there!




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