The C’Mons far from fakers.


Firstly, this interview is a little shorter than anticipated.  Reason! Silly buggers here never pressed the record button after we reconnected from a dropped call on Skype.  Nonetheless, you will get a sense of how special this group actually are.

When Vanessa from Indie-week Canada suggested that I chat with these guys I went on a web hunt to find some of their music and man was I salivating at the mouth after hearing Faker.  But it’s not just Faker, everything they have online is music that you would happily have in pride of place on you personal music device, whatever it may be.

In the last part of the interview I asked them where they would like to be in a year from now and one of the answers they gave was that they would like to have an album completed.  Something that I will really look forward to.

These guys are world class!  I won’t be surprised when they reach international success.  See for your self!

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