The Fever – Falling


Yes, it’s been a while, anyway enough about that and on to the talent.  The Fever have been right under my nose in more ways than one for quite some time now.  Despite the fact that they rehearse not 300 meters away from my home and despite the fact that I have spoken to the lead singer (Mossy) on several occasions, I only really came across them last week whilst visiting the rehearsal studio for another reason.

These guys ROCK! Literally!  After hearing them rehearse, albeit through the thick walls of the studio, I felt compelled to go and see them live at the Harbour Bar in Bray on Friday last, and I was NOT disappointed, I was enthused!

The band is made up of four very talented individuals, Vocals Moss Gormley, Guitar Carl Keogh, Drums Tom Moore, Bass Des Corr, and together they make an outstanding contribution to music.  I spoke to Mossy and this is what he had to say “We’ve been playing as a band for the last 9 months. We formed after Myself and Carl’s last band split “Blue Fever” so we now we have a new name, a new line up and a new sound…  We aim to keep recording singles over the next year and to do an EP in the coming months. We’re due to release our video for our first track “It’s Alright” , shot in Solus Sound Studios by Jason Foran and Conor Maloney in the coming weeks, so stay tuned….”

Stay tuned is right!  And enjoy the video!!



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